SQUILT is "Fail-Proof"

"Mary has created a music appreciation course that even a music-phobe can use. No more wondering if I'm covering the "right" composers or the "right" pieces. SQUILT has it all laid out in chronological order.As a user of notebooking, I'm a huge fan of Mary's customized notebooking pages which she integrates into the study. There is really no more excuse for not enjoying music in your homeschool. This is fail-proof."~ Jimmie -- Jimmie's Collage, Notebooking Fairy



"My favorite homeschool resources are the kind that are totally open-up-and-go. With SQUILT, Mary has collected the best links, stories, and music - all I need to do is open it up and start enjoying music with my children. It's my favorite way to explore music with my kids!"~Sarah Mackenzie -- Amongst Lovely Things, Read Aloud Revival